You can turn your personal photos into real U.S. Postage Stamps.

USPS Stamps

USPS Postage Photo Stamps

Ink up the stamp using your dye based ink pad. Now you have got the right paper and the right ink and a brand new photo stamp. 7 denominations available including standard 37 cent and 23 cent postcard. Now that you can personalize your own stamps with a picture of your choice.

Postage Photostamps

Here are some recent quotes from some of the hundreds of press articles that have appeared on PhotoStamps. is excited to have teamed with Pitney Bowes and the U.S. Postal Service to provide this new offering. If you would like to start your postage design again, click on the reset design button. You can also delete a text box if you change your mind by clicking more stamps on the pages or in the upper right hand corner of the text editor. In addition direct to mention that customers should cancel their accounts during the Stamp trial period. We will reject any sign-ups generated in this fashion. Only mention that Stamp offers a No-Risk trial without any other commentary or advice regarding actions customers should take with regard to the trial. | Contact US | USPS | Sitemap | No More Tickets| Shop